Tuesday, May 8, 2007


I am an advocate of development and my target is to tap the potential resource hidden in the neglected areas and have it applied. I use Information Technology as an eye opener through conducting of trainings, creation of resources and resource centres in order to improve management of natural resources

I believe in the power of media it enlightens, entertains and foster development initiatives in the respective affected areas, based on what people have identified as their priority. I contact basic computer training, Internet technology and the usefulness of Internet and how to have access to relevant information in the line of development, for instance aiding individuals in the use of Internet, majority have achieved in research, access to job opportunities, scholar ships and online learning.

In order to advance my contributions in the development, and magnify my mission, I centred myself with Information Technology. The interest I have in (Information Technology), and much effort, has won me plenty of knowledge and experience in the IT sector and enabled me to grow to maintain my professional standards. A decade ago i identified and approached development minded people and established a Telecenter and parked it with IT development objectives.

In this channel I established computer-training project for the community members in order to quench the surging need of ICT knowledge especially to the youth. In line with this is Internet connectivity to improve information dissemination and ensure that different types of requirements are highlighted to as the need.

More or less Information Technology and internet experience is barely the talk of the day in the rural areas (underdeveloped areas).

Rural communities being the heart of natural resources must be in a great consideration and the ‘backbone’ of internet rather technology should pose best for dissemination of information in rural areas.

Poor infrastructure in rural areas has pushed natural resources ‘offshore’ thus contradicting resource management, minimizing Agricultural sectors and ignoring investment in the rural communities.

My goal therefore is to disseminate information by creating awareness to all the marginalized areas, target groups in the development sectors, rural and urban schools, individuals, investors, researchers and youth in the community.

Since I have access to information I download content, make printouts, prepare notes and training manuals in order that the affected areas have access to information. The content basically is magnified for development since its filtered for the target groups and individuals then disseminated to improve skills in the ‘core’ of rural areas hit by poor infrastructure and negligence.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


It is a published fact that Africa 'snails' in Information Technology. The most affected areas being urban slums and rural communities. The advent of Internet as the fastest means of communication, yet expensive to afford has almost relegated these vulnerable groups to the periphery where only the rich have access to the information technology.

Rural Urban Digital Brigde (RUDB) is a project initiated in the spirit of imparting basic ICT skills to the rural and urban slum schools, youth and community members and linking kenya telecentres with the world. Computer illiteracy is a major cripple especially with the evolution of Information Communication Technology. With the making of the world a global village through the Internet, many slum youth are set by on an 'edge' by lack of computer skills.

I was prompted in pursuit of the project objectives of using communication as a mobilization tool to foster development. The idea of beginning a computer center crop up in the mass of ideas on how to impart computer literacy to the youth in preparation for integration of the slum into the global village through basic computer training and Internet surfing .

The center not only admits students from the slum communities of Nairobi but also takes the 'literacy' to the marginalized rural communities with priority given to the trained volunteers. The volunteers are trained free of charge in software application to motivate them in their work. The computer center is open as an hub to link all communities and individuals with the skills and basics.