Tuesday, April 17, 2007


It is a published fact that Africa 'snails' in Information Technology. The most affected areas being urban slums and rural communities. The advent of Internet as the fastest means of communication, yet expensive to afford has almost relegated these vulnerable groups to the periphery where only the rich have access to the information technology.

Rural Urban Digital Brigde (RUDB) is a project initiated in the spirit of imparting basic ICT skills to the rural and urban slum schools, youth and community members and linking kenya telecentres with the world. Computer illiteracy is a major cripple especially with the evolution of Information Communication Technology. With the making of the world a global village through the Internet, many slum youth are set by on an 'edge' by lack of computer skills.

I was prompted in pursuit of the project objectives of using communication as a mobilization tool to foster development. The idea of beginning a computer center crop up in the mass of ideas on how to impart computer literacy to the youth in preparation for integration of the slum into the global village through basic computer training and Internet surfing .

The center not only admits students from the slum communities of Nairobi but also takes the 'literacy' to the marginalized rural communities with priority given to the trained volunteers. The volunteers are trained free of charge in software application to motivate them in their work. The computer center is open as an hub to link all communities and individuals with the skills and basics.

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